Leadlight updated to version 1.1, plus comp thanks

With the competition over, I have just today updated Leadlight to version 1.1.

This version removes the handful of bugs found since the competition began, but its real purpose is to add extra look-at descriptions to things in the game.

I left a number of objects which could have had descriptions with "You see nothing special"s in the original release, because my guess had been that to draw attention to particular objects in the trickily small implementation space could add red herrings to the game. (I.e. I thought players might waste time fiddling with interesting looking objects which couldn’t be fiddled with).

What I learned from feedback was that everyone wanted fewer "You see nothing special"s!

So I’ve done what I can, and this new version should slightly enrich the experience of anyone who plays the game in future. Here are the changes:

* Added descriptions to 16 objects
* Updated or improved descriptions for 4 objects and 1 enemy
* Added 4 object synonyms
* Fixed a bug where certain control characters could cause crashing at the prompt
* Fixed a bug which could cause a memory leak and a weird crash
* Fixed a bug where one monster wasn't removed from the game properly after its death
* Fixed apple description bug
* Mystery Girl article fixed
* Missing Sheryl description restored
* After first round of combat the player is reminded 'RETURN' repeats last command

Please note that for anyone who played online with the plugin, your old save games are not compatible with the new version of the game, and so will have disappeared.

If any kind IF database management folk would like any help from me in determining what files may need to be updated in collections etc, just send me a private message.

My thanks to the many people who really dug this game and let me know it. I also found that getting to hang in the cool kids clubhouse (IE author forum) was great recompense for having tape over my mouth for six weeks. I am super pleased to have made 14th place with a game which had to run in 35kb of RAM. Obviously there are a lot of players who are prepared to engage with what is placed in front of them, even with an unfamiliar steering wheel and some notes telling them how to use it. (But not THAT unfamiliar… don’t get me started on some of those blog reviews.)

And like Hannes said, to the people who organised this competition and did things like create webpages for our games, it’s hugely appreciated.

  • Wade

Just wanted to say that this ended up being one of my favorite experiences in this year’s comp. Aside from the technical proficiency that the game represents, the packaging was some of the best I’ve ever seen. The user’s guide was great, the installation instructions were clear and thorough, and the website design was excellent.

You had a very specific experience in mind and you really delivered. Great work!

Thanks a lot bcressey!

A link would be appreciated - for the new version with your emulator AND for the .dsk version to play with AppleWin. :wink:

When you update the IFDB page, I’d also like to draw your attention to the “Add a news item” feature, which I’m trying hard to ensure everyone uses. If you do, then the version change will appear on the first page, and everyone will know it’s out.

Thanks for the news item tip Peter, I’ll check it out real soon.

Something I’ve realised is, the game ‘read me’ on ifdb only makes sense for the distribution of the game held at ifarchive, as it was written for the competition package.

EDIT: Oh wait I get it, I can provide my own links at IFDB and I can upload stuff to IFarchive myself. This will make everything easier.