Leadlight Gamma soundtrack package

Next year I’ll be releasing my Inform port of Leadlight (ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=h2oahwgnoxlrtvud) called Leadlight Gamma, which has some new bells and whistles on top of a faithful port of the Apple II game. It’s almost complete, but family and musical duties (and now I will blame xmas, too) have delayed it. I wrote about it here:


The game is gonna be free because it already is free. But I want to do a limited physical release of the original soundtrack (20-30 mins) as a crafty/collectable item selling for approximately US$20. Note that the tracks themselves will be freely downloadable with the game (well, I may have one that is on the CD only); the purpose of the package is the artwork / physicality / collectability.

The package will have:

  • a CD-R of the soundtrack hand-illustrated by me (each design unique). You can see my artwork on the Leadlight cover or at my portfolio (wadeclarke.com/visualart/index.html)
  • a unique pencil sketch by Freya from the game (actually by Steve Amm, who did Freya’s pencil sketches and fountain painting for the original game)
  • packaging or a card handmade and screenprinted by Melissa Barron. Melissa has done all kinds of digital meets handicrafts meets glitch works (melissabarron.net/). I previously collaborated with her, Krue and Antoine Vignau on an Apple II demo which won the wildcard division at PixelJam 2012.

I’ve considered doing this through a crowd-funding site (and still am a bit) but I’d sort of like to avoid the maintenance, campaigning, extra goals and need to create more merchandise that can come with that. So first I just want to tweak my various networks to assess interest. If you’d like to buy one of these packages, please email me at the supervain address wadey@wadeclarke.com . I will then keep you updated on the project incredibly minimally until we confirm we are Go. If you know someone you think might be interested, point them to this topic, too. And just emailing me is not legally binding to buy one :slight_smile: … but I am trying to gauge numbers.

I’m looking at March-April next year to put out the game and the soundtrack package. If I get involved with a crowdfunding site, that would probably push the soundtrack back.


  • Wade