Leadlight Gamma is out

I’ve just released the Glulx redo of my horror adventure Leadlight. It’s called Leadlight Gamma (the ‘G’ is for Glulx!) and it’s a modestly priced commercial release via itch.io


Leadlight Gamma is simultaneously super faithful to the original Apple II game under the hood while being tricked out with new features:

  • Graphic automap and customisable game interface
  • Playalong tutorial mode
  • Unlockable extra content, behind-the-scenes tour mode and easter eggs
  • Gallery of artworks from the original game
  • Original soundtrack and in-game music player (music also downloadable separately)
  • Accessibility mode for vision-impaired players. The screen reader mode doesn’t work on Macs yet because they’re reliant on Gargoyle, but the game also includes text descriptions of all standalone images
  • Complete reference manual available in-game
  • Game is desktop-friendly and also iDevice-friendly (via the Frotz app - thoroughly tested there, too)

(There’s no way to run it on Android atm. There’s no sufficiently advanced Glulx delivery platform there.)

May you have fun.


The music probably won’t play on iFrotz, FYI, because iFrotz doesn’t support that yet. Just so prospective buyers know.

On an unrelated note, congrats on the release, I’ll be definitely getting it over the next few days!

Thanks much Peter.

Yes, the music and border status window colour changes don’t happen on Frotz. This isn’t a secret, but mentally their absence got filed into smaller caveats. Part of this is because I was super happy at how it plays in Frotz in general, and the 2 missing things aren’t essential. The other part is that while a copy of the music is built into the game, I didn’t write the music specifically with the goal of using it as a playalong sountrack. To me it was more a ‘feelie’ that I wanted to do, but then when I worked out I could include it in the game, I decided ‘why not?’. Players can decide how/when they want to hear the music.

I’ve also come up with an in-and-out-of-game digital music player extension, used in Leadlight Gamma and which I should be able to share at some point.


Belated, but that’s cool, Wade – congrats on getting this out there!

Gratz, Wade. I will buy a copy asap.

I don’t know if it’s the right topic to post that, but I just noticed Leadlight Gamma got a review on AdventureGamers! Congrats! :slight_smile:

And I might as well take the time to comment that all the nifty new features - the map, the s1-4 and r1-4 shortcuts - are very impressive and make for a very pleasant playing experience, and some of the features that were there clearly specially for the “mobile” experience - the big map buttons, the alternative listing format - are laudable and were very much appreciated! I just wish it didn’t keep printing all the known verbs every single time I tried a verb it didn’t understand, Eamon-style. :wink:

Thanks a lot, muleH! I hadn’t seen that review.

Peter, when I see that you’ve posted I’m always afraid you are about to report something not working right, such is your thoroughness. So I was relieved to find that was not the case :slight_smile:


As reputations go, I suppose it could be a lot worse. :wink:

[rant]Once, in the AGS forums, I was described as the guy who complained if the top-right pixel wasn’t exactly in sync with the rest of the palette.[/rant]