Latest Inform 7 + Activity-based Simple Chat?

Hey there, I have tried yet again to upgrade to the latest version of Inform 7, but the new version doesn’t seem to like ‘Activity-based Simple Chat by Shadow Wolf’. This is an integral part of my game, so I can’t ditch it. I am getting the ‘Translating the Source - Failed’ error and I don’t know what the new system wants. The errors basically all look like this:

I recently reinstalled windows, then copied in my extensions files, then installed Inform 7. Would that have anything to do with it?

Anyone got any ideas?

No, it’s just about what version of Inform works with what version of the extension.

Do you still have the version of that extension with giving text for changed to giving text about? The example given in that version is compiling for me in the latest Inform.

Alternatively, that error looks kind of like Inform thinks your line of code ends with “with”; is it possible that an extra line break got in there and cut off the line of code?

I do have that same version, but there isn’t any line break there. All the nodes it seems to have trouble with run like this:

Instead of talking to (name of object): start a conversation with (chat_node).

The previous build of Inform 7 doesn’t seem to have a problem with this and it works flawlessly. I would like to upgrade as I am worried about being left behind as far as extensions go.

Can you post your code, or an excerpt of the code that reproduces the problem? As I said, the example in the documentation is working for me in 6M62, and it includes lines like:

Instead of talking to Harry: start a conversation with Harry-chat-hello.