Latest info on the future of Inform?


just this morning I re-read Graham Nelsons talks at NarraScope 2019 and 2020. Then I tried to call the official Inform7 website and it looks like the site is not reachable(?). Does anybody know what the latest status of Inform is? Was there any info after these two NarraScope talks?



There has been no info since then.

I think the I7 web site is supposed to be up (except for the bug tracker, which has been down for a while.) The primary site may just be having a temporary fail.

Ok, thanks Andrew. I was just a little bit worried I missed something.

This is from the whois record for

Updated Date: 2021-01-03T08:41:08+00:00
Creation Date: 2009-01-02T16:12:44+00:00
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-01-03T00:12:44+00:00

The statuses are described here:

See the archive here:*/

Looks like whatever the problem was has been fixed.

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The issue that I am having now is that the Inform site is not being suggested in my Google search results. I often use a Google search to find what I want in the documentation because the search in the program is very literal.

I don’t use Google myself, but with other search engines, at least, you can specify the site to search with site:inform7, e.g.

Google probably takes into account the fact that the domain hasn’t been re-registered as a sign the content is worth less.

Having said that, when I searched Google just now to check (I usually use DuckDuckGo), pages were appearing as expected.

I believe these days google ranks non-https sites lower, and it looks like still doesn’t do https.


TLS is simple and free with Let’s Encrypt.

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It is, but the site’s also not being actively worked on at this point; I expect it’ll get an overhaul when the next I7 version comes out (and the bugtracker will work again and the PL will be linked etc etc).

The domain name has been renewed for another year :+1:

Hi, this is my first post so I hope I’m in the right place. Rather than start a new thread it seemed this one was recent enough and related to my question…

For some time now I’ve been considering creating a parser-based world. I’m trying to decide which framework to use. I don’t want to choose a framework that is unsupported. Can anyone provide a short summary of the state of Inform?

I see quite a lot of activity in this forum which is great. I’ve read through some presentations from the author of Inform - but it’s all over a year old. The latest Mac IDE update was 2015 which I guess is good in that it’s been stable for a long time, but that’s also a long time to go without any releases. Is the code actively being worked on? What happens when Apple releases an OS update that renders the current Inform IDE incompatible? Are project files transferrable from Mac IDE to Windows IDE?

The latest Mac front-end update was November 2019 (, which added supported for Catalina, you can get the binary from the Mac App Store or from

I’ve been working on beta releases of the 64-bit Windows front-end, the latest release of which was November 2020 ( I know that the Linux front-end is in need of updating, but I do know that the maintainer is working on it.

Graham is also I know working on the next version. Before anyone asks, I have no idea when it will be ready.

Projects should be transferable between Windows and Mac - it’s been a while since I last tested it, but when I last did, it did work.


Re latest Mac front-end update… sorry, my mistake.

All of that is good to hear.