Last Minute Request for Beta testers for Surreal / Sci-Fi (Inform7)

I’m looking for some beta testers for a game I’d like to submit to ParserComp (I know it’s a bit tight on time).
It’s based on a fragment I submitted to IntroComp last year.
It’s sci-fi / surreal and, although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, rather not suitable for children (macabre detailed deaths, swearing in a few places).
The puzzles in it are simple to super simple and serve mainly to advance the story (you’ve landed on an alien planet to be colonised). Experienced IF players can probably play through it in about an hour (if they are not held back by the bugs).
I’m looking forward to your transcripts and especially to your feedback (comprehensibility, everything you like / don’t like, etc.).
If you are interested, please contact me via DM and I will send you a .gblorb file.
Many thanks in advance!