Laptop memory with I7

I am in the midst of developing a game using Inform 7–and thoroughly enjoying it. Though I am still generating problem messages, I am more quickly resolving them and also learning more routines. I am most of the way through the manual and it’s gotten to the point where I know exactly how to add fully described rooms, doors and objects, plus define how those objects, scenery items, etc can be used and interacted with, and even create new verbs and activities. My question here is that thus far, I have been using my laptop computer to do all this with, and granted, it’s loaded to the hilt with memory(thanks to my computer-whiz dad)–how do I know whether I have enough memory with which to make a complete game using Inform? (And I will willingly take the dunce cap and sit in the corner–I haven’t programmed anything since I was a teen in the 80s, on an Atari 1200XL). I don’t recall seeing any specs regarding memory requirements in the manual or the website. Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer.

Your computer’s memory is not an issue. Inform runs fine on my ten-year-old laptop with two GB of RAM.

(You may eventually see “memory limit” errors when you compile, but these can be easily bypassed.)

Thanks, Zarf, for the prompt response. I have almost 3 GB of RAM, and 439 GB on the hard disk. Maybe I just worry too much.

Yes, and just to elaborate a bit – the “memory limit” errors that zarf mentioned are not caused by the limits of your computer. They’re limits that the compiler sets for itself when you run it (because it has to make assumptions about how much memory it’s going to need before it starts). If you do hit those limits, all you need to do is instruct the compiler to set higher limits.