Labelling the Skein

When you label your skein, what do you choose to label? Do you have some particular organization or strategy that you follow?

What are other strategies you pursue with the skein?

I usually have one thread of the skein that’s just a walkthrough of the whole game, with labels at major scene breaks or turning points so that I can quickly run the game to a given scene.

Do you tend to have very deep skeins where you test things in serial, or do you have really broad skeins where you test many things in parallel?

Do you use the “test” feature, or just rely on in-game interactions?

I don’t usually spend much time structuring it. I’ll keep one locked thread that’s just a walkthrough so I can quickly get to different sections. The rest, I just test things as I go, and prune the skein back when it gets too bushy.

With playtesters, I have them make transcripts, and then I’ll type that transcript into the game and keep it as a locked thread in the skein (with a label on the endpoint, “test script 1” or whatever). Then I’ll fix the game and run the script, fix and run, fix and run, until the transcript runs smoothly the way it’s supposed to.