Kindle Interactive Anthology

Crystal Lake Publishing has released a Kindle book they are calling an “interactive shared-world zombie anthology.” It is called Children of the Grave. They say, “Basically you follow a character through Purgatory, and after the initial story, you decide which route (each written by a different author) he will take. You can either follow your chosen path or your favorite author through the after-life.”

I’m guessing the level of interactivity is very low, but I find it interesting that they thought of, and are promoting, the concept. It seems that some book publishers are at least exploring the possibilities of interactive fiction.


The idea of having the same story written by multiple authors with switch points is interesting!

Interesting! Swapping authors is novel.

If you’re tracking interactive fiction published by trad publishers, the novelist Iain Pears just recently released Arcadia: … cadia-app/

(I’ve got a review lined up for my blog in a few days, though he’s talking in Oxford tomorrow evening and I want to go along and see that in case there’s anything I learn that I’ll want to add to my blog post.)

Very interesting. I wonder how much the kindle community wants interactive fiction works?

Initially I would say it would be very active since the company and platform obviously caters to those that enjoy a good read, but I’m not sure…

Anyone have any hard numbers on that segment of the market?