Kind Variable

Is there a variable that denotes a kind instead of a specific instance of a kind?
Sorry if this is a common question, but the search function on this forum is inadequate.

Short answer: it’s possible, but why would you need this?

eu has an extension on the github repository which allows enumeration of kinds.

The uses seem self-explanatory(to me, at least). Could you post a link to the extension?
Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Thank you!

Would you mind explaining the uses? I can’t think of a case in a more traditional language such as C++ where I’d really need to store the name of a class in a variable. Checking the class of something, certainly, but Inform already supports that (“if the item is a door…”).

Repeating through subkinds can be useful. In Kerkerkruip we do this to give each kind of scroll a random secret name.

Ah, that makes some sense. Can eu’s kind indices do that (e.g. “repeat with the item running through objects of kind #1234”)?

Wow, it’s nice to come back from a short time away and find my code’s been useful.

It lets you repeat through subkinds, but not so cleanly through objects of a particular kind. I will fix that.

Edit: done.