Killing Hitler With Praise and Fire Looking for Beta Testers

Killing Hitler With Praise and Fire is a CYOA game about travelling back in time to ‘kill’ Hitler, whether that be via baby murder, fulfilling his artistic pursuits, getting him stuck with a wife and 5 kids or a myriad of other fantastic options.
The beta version is written using inklewriter and can be played here
Though it’s too complex for their system so it’s currently being rewritten using twine.

If you’d like to know more about it but don’t want to read you can listen to a short dance and song about it here

I would love any feedback or if you can think of a clever way to ‘kill’ hitler I’d love to hear it.

You can email me directly from

I’ll Beta for you

Just wondering, what problem did you run into?

Also, you might want to size down that image file a bit.

They advised it was too long for their system to process into a html file for easy publication via kindle, android etc. It’s 60k words and growing.

I had the impression Kindle’s web browser isn’t sophisticated enough to handle Twine stories, but maybe the situation has improved recently. I know that you certainly can’t compile Twine games into ebooks. Might want to confirm that before rewriting.

I’ve heard that you can convert twine into epub for the new iBooks2 format as it supports javascript. I think I might do some testing on the weekend, before doing too much more work.

Ok got it working, though I had to follow the below tutorial which uses this program called Appcelerator Titanium to create something called a ‘wrapper’?

It works for android only though, I think I might just code it using Quest instead, otherwise I’ll have to do it another 2 times :frowning:.

Was just about to suggest Quest but you beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Indeed - the Kindle converter creates a static file with no variables at all, so too many loops and conditionals and the file-size explodes beyond what we can optimise away. (This story is the first to actually do that: it has something like an eight-way branch right at the top, with each branch only playable once. Which is a fair cop.)


Thanks for the insight!

Cool, just email me any feedback you have, it’s greatly appreciated.