Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire Kickstarter

Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire is a choose your own adventure game about killing or eliminating Hitler to make the world a better place. There are a myriad of options available, though the choice is up to you. Some of the options include infantcide, homicide, altering his preferences in partners, biological warfare, art school, raptor nazis and of course the most cruel, getting him hitched him with lots of kids thereby putting to sleep his dreams like he did so many others.

I’m currently doing a kickstarter so the book can be illustrated, if you’re interested just click the link below.


plus, how can the world be a better place when it always involves getting rid of someone?

The more people we kill, the more purified the world becomes. Ultimately we’re left with a single pure being that wields the final sword, having slayed the last person who disagreed with him. …and soon after he’ll run out of food and starve to death. A very, very pure death. Purity is the ultimate beauty. grins :]

Ah, I see you have played Conan Kill Everything.

Surely, Conan Kill Everything doesn’t end with Conan still holding a sword?

Well, this very forum became a better place after they banned Pudlo.