Kickstarter that might interest you: Golden Sky Stories

Golden Sky Stories is the English translation of a non-violent Japanese pen-and-paper RPG. In it you play as magical animals that can take human form called henge, and play centers around making friends and solving various problems. The Kickstarter’s sort of awkwardly between stretch goals right now, but already they’ve gotten new character types, a supplement that will be ready shortly after the main game is finished, goodies like calendars and post cards, even an entirely new setting. There’s also an actual play and demo on the publisher’s site, so check it out if you think it’ll interest you.

Bumping this to add that the new stretch goals are up! They include a scenario pack, new character types, and a second new setting. They’ve already blown through two stretch goals, so again, if you think you’d like this sort of thing, check it out!