Kickstarter launched for Tiny Text Adventure 2

Ok, this is it, deep breath; hold nose; dive in.

I’ve just launched my kickstarter for Tiny Text Adventure 2.

For anyone who enjoyed Tiny Text Adventure on Android please have a look and see if it interests you and pass it on to anyone you think might like it!

it plays and reads as atrociously as any old Scott Adams games, except without a text parser or novelty

I wonder what kind of loser would give away money like that…

I prefer parser IF myself, but this looks better than most CYOA-style.

Just tell him how you feel. No need to sugarcoat it.

You actually made me laugh out loud. :slight_smile:

I found the first game yesterday while desperately looking for some i-f supporting my Jolla phone. Excellent work! I googled the name and found the kickstarter. OP has my £5. Great to see the open development as well. I have just a few minor things I wish are changed from the first game, but I put more comments in the old thread for that game (when not typing on phone).