Keystroke behavior in Inform 7 story pane

I’m using 6L38 for Windows.

The keyboard behavior in the story pane is sometimes odd. I think I’ve mostly narrowed it down to cases where I press “enter” and a regular key almost simultaneously, which happens when typing fast.

For a one-character command like “n”, if I (accidentally) press the N key simultaneously with the enter key, the N doesn’t seem to get recorded at all.

Sometimes a letter will get displayed on an earlier line. For example, if this is the intention:

>x me
You look great.

You can't go that way.

But I type the “n” immediately after hitting the first enter, it looks like this:

>x men
You look great.

I beg your pardon?

This is not a huge problem for me (though it can be annoying), but I wanted to mention it in case it’s easy for others to replicate. If it’s not easy to replicate, then I guess it’s something odd about my setup.