Keyboard input

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how can I have the player enter a string via keyboard and store it as a variable? Say, the player’s name. Using Harlowe.
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EDIT: I discovered the “prompt” command, such as “(set: $name to (prompt: “Your name, please:”))”. But that opens a popup while I would really like to embed the query into the text window, as if it was a command entry of a text adventure.

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Harlowe doesn’t include such a feature, and because the story format has been deliberately designed to restrict an Author’s access to the engine’s components you would need to resort to a “scope escalation hack” to gain access to the Story Variable sub-system.

If you are happy with using such a “hack” then you’re lucky that that nice individual named @Chapel has recently release a set of Custom Macros that includes a (textbox:) macro. You will need to install the Chapel’s Unofficial Custom Macro Framework for Harlowe add-on for those macros to work.

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That sounds helpful! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!