Kerkerkruip release 8 is now available

We should say that we would love the team to keep growing! If you have any ideas please do suggest them here, or at Github. If you want to help with programming, graphics, packaging and websites, creating a wiki, or almost anything else, I’m sure there’s a place for you!

(And if Github feels scary, don’t worry, we can help with that too.)

You know, I’m not that much into bug fix releases. But due to some complicated stuff the debug commands were still available in the previous version of Kerkerkruip, and one rare room more or less destroyed the graphical map when it was chosen. So you can now download Kerkerkruip 8.2 from the usual location.

Kerkerkruip: lets you cheat, but not for longer than a week!

I have to say, beating Malygris with an undead army in tow of four different creatures, with having only 5 health nearly the entire time, was just a ton of fun. Completely turned the way I usually play this inside out. Bravo!

Thanks, adeniro. :slight_smile: And I’ve got good news fo you: Kerkerkruip 9 has a completely new religion system, and one of the possibilities it will open up is worshipping Chton, the god of death. Chton will give you scrolls of summoning, and the ability to turn into several undead forms – including “lich” form, which makes you more powerful when you have more undead allies. Commanding undead armies was never so much fun. :wink:

Well that just sounds cool.

I’ve never manged to use undead allies against Malygris - he just uses his un-undead spell on my first. :frowning:

Dannii, since version 8 Malygris is no longer guaranteed to have the deghoulify ability. Plus, he can only use it against ghoul form, not against other undead forms.

mostly useless: it is cool. Of course, as one would expect from Kerkerkruip, religious worship has a price…

Has anyone else experienced Kerkerkruip running extremely slowly? I think I just waited about 5 minutes for a turn. It seems like a memory leak, because it gets slower the longer I play. This latest delay was after only 22 turns. I’m using Zoom on Mac OS 10.5.

I timed the next turn on my watch to give a more accurate measure. It took 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

There’s a known Zoom memory leak when doing “write to a textbuffer in memory” operations. ( I don’t know if Kerkerkruip is doing lots and lots of these, but it might be.

I just downloaded Gargoyle. Seems good so far.

Does Zoom need a new maintainer?

Zoom needs some maintenance, at least.

Both Zoom and Gargoyle could do with maintenance.

CocoaGlk (Zoom’s I/O System) is also super sluggish at file I/O. I wonder if Kerkerkruip’s saving every turn isn’t a problem for it.

I tried Kerkerkruip the first time today. The combat based game is definitely quite different from other IFs I’ve played!

I won in the novide level (easy mode?) and haven’t won the apprentice level (normal mode?) yet. And there are a lot of things I don’t quite know how to use. Before I make my mind on the game and decide if I want to play further, I have a question:

On my system (Linux, using glulxe instead of gargoyle), it doesn’t seem that I can save my game inside one map. Every time I rerun the game after quiting, I’m presented with a menu and the only playing option is starting a new game and if I choose that, a new map is generated and I start from the beginning. There is no way for me to defeat a couple of enemies, quit, and restart later to kill the tougher enemies and Malygris. Since I’ve never played rougelike games before, I want to ask – is this normal and intended?

No, that is not intended. After quiting, you should be able to “continue” from the main menu.

I’ll look into it. Is it possible for you to check out if you have the same problem using gargoyle?

Yes, I just tried, and Gargoyle works, I can see a “Continue” option on the menu now, and it did let me start with the map that I quit from last time.

Do you want me to open a bug on github instead of putting all the information here?

That would be fine, thanks!

Submitted as issue #113, thanks for looking into it!