Kerkerkruip release 2 is available

I just uploaded Kerkerkruip release 2. It doesn’t contain everything that I wanted it to contain, but I realised that “release often” is a much better model for me and this game than “release when ready”. After all, Kerkerkruip is never ready! Here is what I wrote on the IFDB:

If you’re new to Kerkerkruip, please check the IFDB page for the accompanying files, like the Beginner’s Guide and the instruction videos.

Awesome. I just got into this game and love it.

Very excited. Thanks for making me an addict.

I’ll check it out, but the less random distribution of attack rolls caught my eye – what exactly has changed there?

Thanks for the positive remarks!

The attack roll still is a number between 1 and 10, but the probabilities of getting a middle value (4, 5, 6, 7) are now higher than those of getting one of the extreme values (1, 2, 9, 10). This makes combat somewhat more predictable, and it also increases the effect of bonuses. In total, it should give the player more control over the outcome of the fight.

Get it while it’s hot! Kerkerkruip release 3 has been uploaded. See the news item on the IFDB.

Wow, Kerkerkruip is amazing. I want to figure out how you managed to do the turn-order and the timing. I wanted to write an RPG but I could never find an elegant solution to that.

There seems to be a bug with the ending message, in that the game tells me “Your attack ends your own life.” regardless of who actually killed me. (This applies to release 2, so it might be fixed already. Will download and check.)

EDIT: Yeah, it was fixed. Nice.

Other than that, I’m having a blast. A strangely addictive little game.

We have plans for more updates too. If anyone has ideas for monsters or items or anything, give me or Victor an email. All development will happen on Github. :slight_smile:

WSMartin: thanks! You can find out all about how turn order is managed in the ATTACK extension, which is open source & free software. (It also used to have a great manual, but the manual hasn’t been updated to reflect some major structural changes yet.)

Also, I’m happy to announce Kerkerkruip release 4. See it at the IFDB. Changelog:

  • New item: vial of purification. Unghoul yourself!

  • New item: dagger of the double strike. You missed? Why not try again!

  • Player forms (human, ghoul, vampire) now interact in a slightly different way, as the first result of a more powerful player form system.

  • Fixed bug: the imp printed a testing message that should have been removed in the release.

  • Fixed bug: you no longer remain in rage after running away from a combat.

Has there been any talk about an online leaderboard or something like that?

Nope. I don’t think Glulx interpreters are capable of interacting with an online server in a meaningful way, are they?

Not yet…

Also, I don’t know how useful/fun that would be. There’s really only one metric, the greatest level you have won. Also it might be hard to stop people cheating.

Yes, you’d have to run all the games online.

Release 5 is available! Get it at the IFDB.

Yes, I found it and I was playing around with it. I was really impressed, impressed enough to abandon my own attempt at making an RPG engine and just use ATTACK instead.

I’m happy to announce release 6! Get it on the IFDB.