Kerkerkruip is looking for dreams

I feel like it’s time someone checks this topic for Inception-ness. Have you guys all seen Inception? It’s the ultimate dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams film, though its dreams are mostly used as tools for deception and memory theft rather than for lyrical purposes.

Anyway, I can imagine this mechanism getting complex - maybe even hellishly - if you got into more than one layer of dreams, so I imagine you’d probably wanna get layer 1 working great before you considered it.

  • Wade

We could put the player’s totem somewhere in the dungeon, and if they don’t take it with them when they dream, they’ll get in deep deep trouble…

Until recently, I had no idea that not enough people are writing dreams for Kerkerkruip. I am working on this myself, but I’d love to hear some ideas from the wider community.

Here are some github discussions that I’ve started, if you’re curious:

Banquet dream:

The Banquet dream is pretty much done, but I’d especially like to get some feedback on this next idea, or even find someone who wants to write it:

Astral travel dream:

From the issue description:

This thread was started a few months ago, but I hope it’s still current. Are dream sequences still being accepted?

Has anyone submitted a sequence that centers on a character, and if so, what ones have been used so far?

Is there a big Kerkerkruip thread or discussion somewhere (and link if so)?


This is the main discussion thread right here, but there are a few different threads on github. If you have ideas you want to discuss, you can post them here, or if you want to just start working on something, you can check out kerkerkruip from github and work on it yourself. Let us know if you need help with git (the version control system, not the IF interpreter).

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly sure what GitHub is . . . I mean, I understand that it’s a site to communicate and work with other programmers, but other than that, I’ve never visited.

Also, I’m way too new at I7 to be of assistance, but I could write pseudo-code like Victor gave in the OP.

To me, the game seems to use intentionally minimalistic prose. Should dreams be written in the same style?

No, dreams can have super flowery language if you want to go that far!

And pseudo code is fine. You can just keep posting here, if we want to move the discussion to github later we can help you with that.

Thanks so much! I would consider it a great honor to contribute even a single thread to the yarn of this wonderful game!

I’m so curious to find out your dream idea! Please share!

Great! Contributions are very welcome. If you’d like to take a look at the already existing dreams, you can check out (Scroll down a bit; the first part is some technical stuff that sets up the dreams.) But if that doesn’t make much sense to you, no problem.

(And for those wondering where Kerkerkruip 9 is, well it’s taking some time because it’s going to be a massive release! There are 109 issues so far, compared to just 25 for version 8.)

(But we’re nearly at beta stage, I’d say.)

Believe it or not, Victor, I’m trying my best not to make Kerkerkruip 9 even more complicated! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! I7 code is very legible! In fact, I wasn’t sure if it was code at all. My poor, feeble brain is somewhat accustomed to mentally compiling C#, JavaScript and Python into comprehensible form. I thought Python was intuitive! This is crazy.

Sorry, Capmikee, I didn’t mean to give the impression I had a dream sequence previously conceptualized. However, I didn’t want to work on something that was too late for K9, so I thought I would ask first.

By the way, I introduced myself here:

I’m reading through the dreams currently, and just finished the Dream of Briar Roses with which I was really impressed. It was very immersive and well written. Also, I noticed we may pick our gender now! That’s great.

I noticed one tiny little hiccup:

say "Here are the joy and peace that you have always searched for; 

“Are” should be “is.”

However, I don’t think the circumstances presented in that conditional branch are necessarily such that a person would be left crushed, lowering their spirit. If anything, it might just as well drive a person to push even harder to survive and leave the dungeon to return to what alone makes life worth living. Or, maybe they never realized it before, and now that they’ve seen it, they’re even more driven to obtain it.

Perhaps a roll against Spirit is in order? Just a suggestion.

I’ll write something after supper.

In the Dream of Tungausy Shaman, the second sentence, “The sound of loud drum comes from the meditation hut,” drums needs an ‘s’ at the end, or there needs to be an ‘a’ before “loud.” In the Monte Hall dream, “This chest flaunts a million shades of colour,” let’s make it “hues” instead of “shades.” Basically, a hue is a mixture of color whereas a shade is adding black to a color.

I’m really truly impressed by the dream sequences. They’re fantastic! They add a whole 'nother layer of fun and immersion to the game. Now that I understand what’s being sought, I’ll strive to do the same.

In speaking with Miranda, the player says, “I’ll get back at the prince for this.” Who is the prince and why would the player want to get back at him instead of Malygris?

Also, there is an unintentional page break after every quote the player makes, perhaps because of the period. For example:

"I am immortal. ," you say."Pride cometh before the fall. ," you say.
I bring up Miranda because I’d like to use her in some fashion in a dream sequence. Perhaps tell her story, and answer why she is working as Malygris’ guard while dreaming of being an adventurer.

Note that while examining Miranda, the possessive form of Malygris should end with an apostrophe and no ‘s.’

“Here are the joy and peace” is fine if joy and peace are two things. But thanks for your proof reading!

Not necessarily. At least in my dialect of English it tends to be based on how well-known the person is. For example, the possessive of Moses would be Moses’, but the possessive of Draconis would be Draconis’s. I don’t know if this holds in other dialects as well.

Most modern style guides–in the US, anyway–would say that this should be Malygris’s (after all, this is the most unambiguous form).

Yeah, you’re right. Single possessive adds an ‘s.’ I blame the Associated Press to which I was bound for years. Or, maybe it was just my editors. XD