Keeping track of 3 different kinds of scores

First off, I’m newish to Inform 7 so there’s still a whole lot I don’t know! have a game in I7 (build 6L02) where I have three variables which increment independently. How can I display the value of these variables when the player requests full score (types ‘score’)? I’m thinking something like making score tables for each of the variables, but I’m not sure how to go about doing it…

Are you just trying to change the response to SCORE? You could do something like this:

[code]Health is a number that varies.
Skill is a number that varies.
Agility is a number that varies.

announce the score rule response (A) is “[if the story has ended]In that game you scored[otherwise]You have so far scored[end if] [health] health, [skill] skill, and [agility] agility in [turn count] turn[s]”.[/code]

FYI: You will probably want to consider upgrading to 6L38. It has a number of important bug fixes over 6L02, I think.

…and it shouldn’t break your code (or at least not much), since the only changes between the versions were the bug fixes.