Just made a new IF development system. Very easy.

I’m about to launch a new CYOA site, based on classic novels, with a new chapter every day:


I am the world’s slowest programmer, so I made a super-simple, super-easy tool for making the stories. First have a look at the stories to see how it works:

Then see how they are made:

If you want to play the whole thing to test it for me that would be great! PM me and I’ll give you a password. In the final version the daily story is free and some complete stories will be free, but right now half of each story is password protected.

Key features:

  1. It’s mostly classic novels. I want to build this into a hub that attracts all kinds of people.
  2. If you make a story I will host it for you (assuming it’s legal and not porn). If the site takes off then you have an instant audience.
  3. The code is very, very simple: mostly just a text file with lines like this:
e(1,0,"I see two doors. Which one should I take?", 2,0,"Go left.",  3,0,"Go right.");
  1. It includes art (to attract people) but only needs very simple pictures that almost anybody could draw.
  2. It runs instantly online. No plugins, no Flash, no waiting.
  3. A scoring system, here you can compare scores and print certificates.
  4. The site has a pretty background. Well I think it’s pretty anyway. Maybe not so pretty if you don’t like books.
  5. The site might becomes popular (selling points will be “The Complete Works of Shakespeare,” the complete Dickens, etc.) Then you could make some of those stories, charge money, and grow rich. Or not.

Anyhoo, I saw the description "Just made a new IF development system"and thought I’d post.

Hey there, glad to see you - you probably don’t remember me, but I was very interested in your Les Miserables game. So you’re going the CYOA way? Good for you.

Just, ah, is there any way you think any games made with your tool could be downloaded and played offline?

I have found my new home! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes definitely. Where I live the internet is not reliable, so I prefer offline where possible. I make and test it offline, so it definitely works that way. You just need the game content file (the one you change), the game engine (does not change) and a web page (use an existing one and just change its file name). Oh, and a style sheet and graphics. The easiest way is to buy the full game as then you get all the files you need in one download. Or you can do it for free by downloading the files yourself: the folder are not protected. The ‘how to do it’ mini-game explains everything.


I hope that people find it easy. Like anything on the Internet, the first time might seem hard, but it shouldn’t be. I made it specifically so I can churn out a new story each week, and all I touch is the story script and then make some pictures.