Just finished my first IF game.

Hi, I’m new to this entire world of programming and well my first game
is complete and I wanted to see what you fine folks think? Well, I hope
you all enjoy it and if not please tell. I welcome criticism. :slight_smile:
Into a Mind of Darkness V1.0.7z (271 KB)

It’s certainly intriguing, but I’m having difficulty with the parser. It doesn’t seem to understand anything except direction commands and “GET KEY” (not even “HELP”, which is specifically mentioned at the beginning), and if something doesn’t work the screen just refreshes without saying anything. There’s a door in the first room, but I’m not able to interact with it at all, even once I have the key. The same goes for the stone staircase, which does not let me go up.

What language are you programming this in right now?

I’m programming it in basic so that it’s in the style of those old shareware disks
from the mid to late eighties. I’m still expanding it and trying to fix all the bugs.
It’s still a beta.

I did post the wrong version of my game and I am sorry. Here is the fixed version
with a working inventory and help menu.
Into a mind of madness B.7z (270 KB)