Jumping onto [something]

So I’ve been reading manual after manual, yet I can’t seem to get the hang of actions.

I want something to occur is a player jumps onto an object. I have supplemental actions installed. http://inform7.com/extensions/Al%20Golden/Supplemental%20Actions/doc_0.html
Which should allow for jumping on/onto objects etc.

But I have written.
Living room is a room. A table is here.
After jumping onto table say:“this.”

But I get an error saying You wrote ‘After JUMPING on the table’ , which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only if the action is ‘JUMPING on the table’. But that did not make sense as a description of an action. I am unable to place this rule into any rulebook.

Any ideas?

Installing an extension only installs it to I7; it doesn’t add it to every game that you make with I7. (If it did, every game would be pointlessly huge, even apart from the fact that some extensions are not compatible with others.) You need to put the line ‘Include Supplemental Actions by Al Golden’ somewhere in your code.

That said, supplements or no, you won’t be able to do much without getting a grasp on actions. (Too, I’m unconvinced of the value of Supplemental Actions; you don’t really want to introduce a whole bunch of actions you’re not going to use, and for the actions that you do use, you’re going to want to hand-craft what they do anyway.) What’s giving you trouble with actions in general?

First of all thank you so much for the reply. And excuse my ignorance. I agree setting up the action myself rather than using an extension would probably ideal. but I suppose I’m having a hard time grasping my head around it.

I attempted doing so earlier but having a line saying
Understand jumping on/onto something as jumping. And had the same line After JUMPING on the table: say “blah blah blah.” but I end up with the same error message. I realize now though that jumping probably isn’t used to have an object of the action. But I’m not sure where to start with that.

That’s right. This means that you need to make a new action, quite separate from ‘jumping’, called ‘jumping on’.

Jumping on is an action applying to one thing. Understand "jump on [something]" as jumping on. Understand "jump onto [something]" as jumping on.

That just gives you an action that doesn’t do anything at all. To make it do things, you need to add rules: the simplest way to do this, at first, is to use Instead rules. Let’s start with a general one that stops the player from jumping onto anything (since most things will be inappropriate):

Instead of jumping on something: say "You lack the athleticism for such a feat."

More specific Instead rules take precedence over more general ones. Let’s add a behaviour for the sort of thing you really want the player to JUMP ON:

Instead of jumping on an enterable supporter (called jump-target): say "You spring lightly up onto [the jump-target]."; move the player to jump-target;
…except that this isn’t quite right if the player’s already there. An even more specific rule:

Instead of jumping on a supporter that supports the player: say "But you're already on top of that."

Instead rules are simple and straightforward, and will do what you want most of the time. They’re not hugely flexible, so eventually you’ll want to learn about the action sequence (explained in detail in Chapter 12); but for now you don’t need to worry about that too much.

Why don’t you just do this?


Understand “Jump on/onto [something]” as entering. Understand “Jump off [something]” as getting off.

The Living Room is A Room. A table is a enterable supporter in the living room.

After entering the table: say “You spring lightly up onto [the noun].”.

After getting off the table: say “You leap off [the noun].”.

Test me with “jump on table / l / jump on table / l / jump off table / l”.[/code]

Here. you can use the standard action for getting on/off enterable supporters rather than creating a new one do to exactly the same thing. Incidentally, I did actually do something similar to this by creating jumping on, jumping on, jumping in and jumping out actions only to realise afterwards that I could simplify the whole lot just by using the standard actions.

Hope this helps.

Thank you both so much. Maga those details were precisely what I needed. Creating my own actions has made the development go so much more smoothly. And climbing stars that is a great idea as well, and would be a great shortcut for other actions. Thanks!