Join The Southern Reach

Here’s a text adventure/interactive project I’ve been working on with various people for HarperCollins, to promote “Annihilation” - a new book by Jeff VanderMeer, the first part of a trilogy which will be released this year. Have you got what it takes to join the Southern Reach?

Short, but interesting.

One question about the game…

Is there any actual purpose to the webcam window?

Not really, it’s just there for atmosphere.

Ha! I just finished reading “Annihilation”.

I walked into a bookshop on Tuesday and an enthusiastic shop assistant handed me a copy of Annihilation and told me how fantastic it was. So I told him about The Southern Reach and he got super excited and ran to the computer to investigate immediately. And then I bought the book from him, so I guess that was a mutually satisfying exchange of information.