John Clemens

Does anyone out there know who/where John Clemens is? I have run across his name a few times within the Inform 7 documentation but his name does not show up in the extensions lists. Jim Aikin and Aaron Reed both mention him in relation to an extension but nothing shows up in any search (at least not searches I have done.)

He’s got an IF web page at

I found the extension and installed it, Unfortunately. it does not compile. Seems to not understand one of the commands.

I get a compilation error indicating that the compiler fails to understand the text “[The actor]”. What’s odd is that if I use the identical text in my own code, the compiler has no problem with it.

It appears that the text “[The actor]” is no longer understood by the compiler when used in an activity rulebook. This fails to compile:

[code]Reporting skipping rope is an activity.

Last for reporting skipping rope rule when taking: say “[The actor] skips rope.”[/code]
I would speculate that this change completely breaks the extension. A simple edit probably won’t fix it. However, wiser heads than mine may be able to suggest a workaround.

THat’s what I suspect. It looks like trying to patch will probably not work. Let me see if I can get a message to Clemens.


I did the obvious and tried the *** example in the documentation – The same error comes up.