Joey Jones Announcement Thread - Lies Under Ice Coming Soon

I’ve got a big game and some rereleases in the pipeline, so I thought I’d make one thread for all of them.

Lies Under Ice

Lies Under Ice will be coming out soon. It’s an interactive novel about building a base on one of Jupiter’s ice moons, and dealing with sabotage, intrigue, aliens, political factions, exile and (possibly) too many cats.

The beta is open if anyone would like an early peek and give their feedback (I do understand a lot of you are currently solidly in IFComp mode though!), and I’ve put up a thread with some of my design thoughts on their forum. Check it out if you’d like to know how I achieved twice average play-length as my earlier game Trials of the Thief-Taker, without writing twice the content, all while giving the player more impactful choice.

Sub Rosa

In case you missed the announcement, Sub Rosa (co-authored with Melvin Rangasamy) has recently had a long awaited post-postcomp rerelease, fixing a few small issues. Sub Rosa is a ‘new weird’ fantasy mystery puzzle parser game in which you must break into the home of your rival, discover his seven secrets, and then put things back the way you found them (using various magic artefacts and a library of 101 books to help). It won the 2015 XYZZY-Award for Best Puzzles, came 6/53 in the IFComp that year and so we wanted to make sure the edition was the best it could be as people continue to play it.

Coming soon… a much delayed postcomp release of The Chinese Room, and hopefully next year one or two games that have been on hold while I’ve worked on Lies Under Ice: one in Twine and one in Gruescript!