Jigsaw; Hint Request

I’ve been banging my head against Jigsaw for many weeks now, playing off and on, coming back to a single chapter multiple times if needs be. This is the first hick-up I really can’t resolve, even with oh-so-careful glances at the walkthrough.

I’m in the East Berlin chapter. I’ve stolen the Skoda, I’ve seen Black fail to get into East Berlin, I got the rope from the river. I guess I somehow have to make sure that the wall falls now, in 1989, and that the solution is underneath the apartment block in the SW corner of the map. However, it’s dark down there and I can’t seem to find a light source.

I’m getting close to the end and it would be a shame to start reading the full walkthrough now, after weeks of difficult and hard-earned progress.

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Just peeking through the walkthroughs (it’s been years since I played), do you still have the sparkler from the opening scene? Or does that go out/items aren’t allowed in time travel?

Brilliant! Thanks. Black took it off me in the lunar lander, what with the oxygen-rich air in the pilot module, but it reappeared in the hub/monument. I just forgot to pick it up.

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