[spoiler]beep Wrong comp, buddy. This is the kind of short, somewhat sketchy work you expect and often find in IntroComp. It is over before it has really started, so the word building and all the characters remain somewhat sketchy. Unfortunately, this sketchiness is also apparent in the implementation. Some common convieniences are missing, a female character can’t be refered to as “her”, and generally, I found myself struggling with the parser a lot. Especially glaring was the chain puzzle, which had me hitting the walkthrough, even though I had thought of the -obvious-solution.

I’ll wager that this game will get some flag for this; Which is a shame. The game is nothing special as it stands, but it shows sparks of imagination in the writing and the team mechanics that I would have liked to see more of.
I hope Ryan Kinsman won’t be discouraged by the comp results. It’d be interesting to see something he wrote to which a bit more care and craft has been applied.

One line I really liked (or found quirky, or memorable):

“J’dal!” Dad exclaims, and then holds me. After a bit of crying and stuff, I realize we’re still both naked and this is weird, so I pull away.[/spoiler]