J.D. Berry's "Sparrow Song" -- getting past the beginning?

I’ve started playing “Sparrow’s Song,” and I’ve gone to basically all the locations that seem to be available from the beginning, talked to several NPCs about various topics, and picked up a couple of things… and I basically have no idea how to make any further progress. Is there something obvious to do?

I currently have a locket, a peace treaty, my stick, and some clothes. I’ve talked to Cordelia, Tilson, Arctos, and the beholder. I’m considering kissing Cordelia just to see if I can advance the plot (though I’m sure the game would refuse).

If anyone is aware of a walkthrough or better yet hints, that would be super peachy.


SHOW TREATY TO TILSON (or cordelia, or maybe someone else)

(Although that seems to lead to some fencing with the topic system. Still, progress!)

OK, now I’m at the puzzle that every reviewer seems to have got stuck on.

How can I get past the nymph? It seems that there is a different solution for each item you have – I have the locket.

I understand that it involves something unobvious that must be done four times. (Have I mentioned that I hate puzzles sometimes?)