It's that time of year!

I’m looking for an alpha tester for a [hopefully] Comp game. I’d like some general feedback on the feel and arc of the story before going into fulltime bug-squashing/puzzle-tweaking/prose-polishing mode. Ideally, I’d like someone fairly serious about IF, who has played and reviewed or discussed (at least in their mind) a reasonably large number of games. Since this is, as mentioned, hopefully a Comp game, I’d need quick turnaround – I expect to have the game to you by the end of this weekend, and would like it back within a week of that. The game is not particularly puzzle-y, though, so I hope the playing time will be straightforward.

And since this is starting to sound very demanding, I’d like to offer some of my own time in barter: give me an hour or so of you playing my game and talking to me about it, and I’ll give you an hour or so of me playing yours, or helping you with cover art, or editing copy, or whatever. Please email me at slithy[my intfiction username] at gmail.

I’ve got a volunteer. Thanks for reading, all.

Hi there, Tove! Your friend Kate just told me you decided not to enter this year. Good luck with your game - I hope we get to see it eventually!

Hopefully next year! It’s been backburnered, not put back in the freezer, if you know what I mean.

Kate also sent me an email about your game, and it was definitely a “small world” moment.