It's nearly here...

This went okay last year, so we’ll try again this year. The IFComp now allows public discussions of the games by players/judges (although not by the authors/participants themselves), so this board is here for reviews, comments, hint requests, and so on.

Like last year, I’d like to ask everybody to refrain from posting spoilers without proper warning (the “spoiler” BB tag may help here, or for the first spoiler in the thread, maybe use a bunch of blank lines or single-dot lines).

Also, please please PLEASE don’t create topics that give away opinions about any of the entries. In other words, no topics like “Quest for the Red Herring is the best game ever!” or “Yikes, Quest for the Red Herring is really buggy.” I realize that in any other context a more descriptive topic is better, but some (like me, for instance) really enjoy playing the games for the first time during the voting period without any preformed notions other than our own. Sometimes, even something as simple as an explicit hint request (i.e., “I can’t get past the beginning puzzle in QftRH!!!”) can be telling.

The best thing would be to mention the game name discussed, and the general focus of the post. For instance, “Merk’s Review of Quest for the Red Herring” or “Quest for the Red Herring - general discussions.” That way, people who haven’t played yet can (if they choose) wait to read the topic until they’ve reached and completed that game.

I’m not big on moderating – plus it’s one of several complaints folks have when talking about forums versus Usenet. But since I’d like to make this a good place for discussions even among people who haven’t played all the games yet and don’t want to be influenced, just be warned that I’ll moderate topics titles at needed (but only if needed).

Thanks – and here’s hoping for a great batch of entries!

Without wanting to get into that discussion, I think the complaints cut both ways.