It's all gone

Today, Someone thought it would be funny to turn off my computer. Because I use the web-based twine, it deleted all my progress. My most recent backup is from 3 days ago. EVERYTHING IS GONE.

I’m so sorry. That hurts.

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Unless your browser cleared its cache or you were running in “incognito” mode, it should still be there, since the data is supposed to be stored in the browser.

Since it apparently isn’t, if you have a (more recent than your backup) published HTML copy of your game, then you could import that back into Twine so that you could resume work on it.

I’d also recommend that, instead of using the online version of Twine, use the downloaded version of the Twine editor if you can, since it shouldn’t have these problems. Also, do regular backups, regardless of which version you use (the “Archive” button makes that easy).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: