It's a Point-n-Click Pixel Party! ( Friday 8pm e.s.t

It’s a Point-n-Click Pixel Party!

Tonight, 8pm est.

Casually playing some old-school shiz.

Looks good - but I don’t hear any talk over the game, did you just play without commentary?

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Yeah. With hardly any viewers, I didn’t have too much to say. I was hoping for more chat action.
I’ll do this again and probably will have more to say next time.

Oh, that’s too bad. I dropped into one of my favorite Twitch streams really early once before anyone had arrived and she was already talking up a storm - to nobody. When I asked how come she did that, her reply was “If I don’t talk, I can’t expect anybody else will feel comfortable talking” and went on to explain that people who tentatively check into a stream and just see silent gameplay tend to not hang around. I totally would have watched your entire post-live stream if it contained commentary other than gameplay.

I know it probably sucks to feel like a Walmart greeter and I’m not expert but I think chat room population raises the visibility of your stream. You kind of have to act like a celebrity to become one! (And remember you are a celebrity, having nailed “Scary voice-message guy” in Transparent!)

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