Iterating through a table and matching a custom action against text

Yeah, two of Inform’s largest and most gratuitous misleads are that the topic understood is a snippet variable and that topic in an action specification needs to correspond to the grammar token text.

And topics are woefully underdocumented.

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Which is also why “the topic understood” can be printed but a topic cannot! Because it’s actually a snippet.

The clarifications are much appreciated! I’ll give these suggestions a go and see what makes sense. A fatal flaw of the “copy whatever seems to work and pretend to understand it while working with it” is not, in fact, understanding its fundamental structure.

The exact solution i was looking for proved to be this. I was fiddling with this bit since i’m adding the table functionality in the paper, only to realise that “topic” is not explicitly mentioned nor necessitated anywhere. just as @StJohnLimbo mentioned. Here’s the full functioning bit:

Prayingtox is an action applying to one topic.

Understand "pray to [text]" as prayingtox.

Carry out prayingtox:
	  if the topic understood is a god listed in the Table of Prayerlines:
		say "You take a moment to recall your mother's teachings. [line break]
[line entry]";
		say "You don't remember a prayer for that divinity."
Understand "pray" as a mistake ("You murmur a small prayer to a minor divinity"). 

Table of Prayerlines
god(topic)	line
"Zeus"	"'Zeus, mighty ruler of the sky, grant me the strength to face the trials that lie ahead.'"

Which successfully understands Zeus in a case insensitive fashion.

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