Items on scenery supporters...

Another stumper…

I have a couple of scenery supporters with some items on them, but I want these items to have an ‘initial appearance’ reported when the player looks or enters the room, other than 'On the counter is…". I am probably going to simply put the items in the room, and describe them as actually being on those scenery supporters in their initial appearances(and of course write the appropriate text substitutions and rules, etc). But there must be another way to do this…I tried the “Rule for writing a paragraph about…” rule, but this only works on items that are not contained or supported, apparently because lists of contents of scenery supporters take priority and the items get listed before any other description rule takes hold, therefore they are ‘mentioned’, which cancels out the “Rule for…”. Any ideas??

The library supports this out of the box.

The Kitchen is a room. "This is the kitchen."

The table is a scenery supporter in the Kitchen.

The apple is on the table.
The rock is on the table. "Look, a rock is on the table."

The initial appearance of the rock is displayed by default.

This behavior (the most controversial rule in the Standard Rules, according to Graham) was also changed fairly recently. Which I7 version are you using?

I am using build 6M62.

Thanks Zarf. My face is red. I just assumed that if it is either contained or supported, it would not be allowed an initial appearance. (hits side of head)

However, the initial appearance is not reported if the object is contained, even if the container is open. Maybe that was the source of my assumption. But here I could just use a text substitution in the initial appearance of the container(which is not a scenery item) telling the player that the item is in it(if it indeed is). Thanks