Item Quantities

EDIT: Nevermind; I got a moment to test this, and Adv3Lite handles this all by itself just perfectly. There is no need for me to implement this. I was so used to some IF frameworks requiring unique objects, that I assumed Adv3Lite would be the same, but I was happily mistaken.

I don’t know if this is handled in Adv3Lite, or in an extension, or if I need to implement this myself.

I have a cute idea for a little side quest, but it could involve the player carrying multiple instances of a certain kind of item. I’m curious to know how I should handle this so that the inventory reads like:

full bottle (x5), empty bottle (x3)

instead of:

full bottle, full bottle, full bottle, full bottle, full bottle, empty bottle, empty bottle, empty bottle

And if the player uses drop full bottle then it only drops one full bottle, and the inventory now reads:

full bottle (x4), empty bottle (x3)

If this isn’t something already handled by adv3Lite or an extension, then I’m totally up for implementing this myself. Just wanna make sure I’m not reinventing the wheel. I was gonna set up the groundwork for the puzzle tomorrow, and haven’t run any tests yet for default behavior for this situation.