Item and backdrop with similar names

I have an object named “coral” in an early scene of my game. In the very last scene, there is a backdrop called “reef”. I’d like to call it “coral reef”, but the code:

A physical is a kind of thing. . . . The coral of darkness is a physical. . . . There is a backdrop called coral reef. Reef is in the ocean. The description of reef is "A colorful coral reef. The years of growth have created a huge underwater world, where fish and other animals play."

Identifies the two objects, causing compiler errors. My workaround has been to just say “There is a backdrop called reef”. But players will naturally try to use the word ‘coral’ to refer to the reef.

How can I allow the player to use the word ‘coral’ to refer to coral of darkness and coral reef?

Understand “coral reef” and “coral” as the reef.

Every time the player just uses “coral” when they are both in the scene, they should then get a disambiguation prompt.

You may also want to use something “The printed name of the reef is “coral reef””. Because otherwise, every time that the parser picks it up (say for a default response) it’ll just say “reef”, and you might want it to say “coral reef”.

EDIT - BTW, I would personally advise against taking shortcuts like the one in your code. If you define something as “coral reef”, you’ll want to refer to it as “coral reef” throughout, not just “reef”. Inform may understand you if you use the short form… or it may not, and you may end up with a coral of darkness, a coral reef AND a reef, and going around in circles trying to find out what bit of code belongs where.

It’s always best just to play it safe. KISS - or my own version of it; Keep It Stupidly Simple. I7, like any other programming language, will stupidly do everything you say as long as it can understand it, so you should make sure to be specific at all times.

Thank you! I really appreciate your help.

By the way, I always picture you as Piers Morgan. I just realized that you probably look nothing like him.

Quite right. I’m way better looking. :wink: