I was wondering about this, because I wanted to release some of my old comp games. Well, updated and bug-free enough post-comp versions.

I’ve had good motivation for me to add features and bug fixes, because I’d like to get my stuff out there, but I was wondering if anything specific was good for text adventures/interactive fiction, or what others’ experience was. E.g. do people complain about the bugs/parser? What sort of keywords work? And how much traffic can we expect? (I’m not expecting a ton. I just want to go through the motions of getting stuff out there.) Is there anything beyond common sense and/or itch’s general rules I should know about?

Money isn’t the object here–I just want a way to push out a game and maybe have a wider audience enjoy it. Because I’ve been impressed with some trivial looking games I’ve wound up enjoying.

I haven’t gotten back much of any commentary on the games I put on It sells a couple of copies a week of Hadean Lands. The other games are play-in-browser with an optional donation (suggested $3), and those only get a couple of hits per month.

Thanks. It’s good to know this so I don’t get disappointed. I mean, I’m not expecting mass e-mails, but it just seems like fun, and it’s motivation to fix things, and even getting one email can be very cool.