Italian translation of the standard library

Hi! I’m the main maintainer of the Italian Language extension of Inform 7.
Soon (hopefully) I’m going to complete the italian translation of the standard library of Dialog 0.46.
A lot of features are already available (italian articles, prepositions, several verbs, commands and more). As soon as possible, I’ll post here the repository of the library (I don’t think there is plenty of italian authors here, but maybe the library is interesting to other translators, too).
A first video (in italian!) that shows the translated library in action: DIALOG: traduzione italiana in corso! - YouTube
Congratulations to Linus for his recent victory!


I’m surely interested in this library (see my sig :wink: )

OTOH, the Dialog library is still in active development, and from your I7 experience, I’m sure you realise that isn’t easy keeping up a xlated library with the original english one…

Best regards from Italy,
Dott. Piergiorgio.

I’ve already realized that’s not easy during a first attempt. So I’ve developed a Lua script that marks text to be printed and “grammar” definitions to isolate the parts of the library relevant for a localization and partially automate the process. The task is not impossible because of the coherent coding style of the entire library.

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