It v2.0

I’ve just released a new version of It, my 2011 IFComp game about children being mean to each other. It contains a miscellaneous collection of bug-fixes, minor textual edits, and small changes to make the game more user-friendly and forgiving. The main change is that there is now also a WebUI version of the game that you can play online.

The new version is up on the IF Archive server, but hasn’t found its way onto all the mirrors yet. You can download it directly from the IF Archive here: or play online here: The download version requires a recent TADS 3 interpreter to run, so unfortunately it won’t work on Gargoyle at the moment. I recommend playing it with QTads.

Unless any major bugs appear (please let me know if you spot any), I’m calling this the final version of It. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the competition version! I hope you enjoy(ed) the game!

Fabulous! I’ll be giving “It” ( :slight_smile: ) a playthough at some point.