Issue with releasing for testing

I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong here (though, I have an amateur theory).

The code:

Release along with cover art and an interpreter. 

After I select “Release for Testing” I get an error of sorts. It’s a largely blank screen in the “Report” tab that reads:

Can’t reach this page
•Make sure the web address is correct
•Search for this site on Bing
•Refresh the page

An “interpreter” sub folder was created, but no files were created at any level. I see in the console tab, however, at the bottom:

Fatal error: unable to read data: filename '\Inform\Projects\His MajestyÂ’s Royal Space Navy Service Handbook.inform\Build\output.ulx'
Error: unable to open file to be written for web site: '\Inform\Projects\His MajestyÂ’s Royal Space Navy Service Handbook.inform\Build\StatusCblorb.html'

Is the apostrophe in my game’s title causing an issue?


Hm. It might be. Does the problem go away if you copy-paste your code into a folder with a different name? (Or simply rename the project folder temporarily?)

If I copy/paste the code to a differently named project (but the story title is the same), all goes well. I cannot it seems, rename the original folder as Inform then just creates a new folder with the apostrophe.

Ok, I’m not entirely sure what I did to release the log jam, but it’s working now. I deleted the extra/duplicate project and materials folders Inform was creating after editing the name of the project folders to remove the apostrophe. I then renamed the original folders back to the name with the apostrophe. I closed Inform. And now, after reopening the project from the folders that had their names changed and changed back, all is well. ???

Well, at least it’s working now.


This is pretty clearly a charset encoding error where the same string was interpreted as being in different encodings at different places, but this specific isn’t one of the typical ones you get between Windows-1252 and UTF-8. I don’t see how one would end up with this one.

Are you on Windows? Any chance you remember whether you copy-pasted the name from elsewhere when you created the project?

If it were a plain apostrophe, ', instead of a right single quote, you probably would have been fine.


I’m on Windows. I probably did copy and paste the name when I created the project. The game is for a jam where (the short version; for purposes of this discussion) the name is assigned.

So, perhaps me manually editing the folder names is indeed what cleared the problem. I probably got rid of a right single quote that had been loaded into the folder name when the project was created.

If it compiled for testing and this cropped up only on release, it seems like it would have to be a bug in the Inform 7 compiler or the Windows IDE (and it becomes unlikely it had anything to do with you copy-pasting the name).

As Zed commented, this is an encoding error, something getting mixed up between UTF-8 and CP1252. There have been various bugs like that in the past, but they should all be fixed in the latest version. From the text of the error on the Results tab I’m guessing you’re running an older build of Inform 7 on Windows? These problems should not show up with the latest builds.

Edited to add: Actually, on testing it looks like the problem is still present. It looks like a bug in inblorb, the release packaging tool. I will investigate this at some point.


“23rd February 2018;6M62”

That is a fairly old build: you might want to get the latest build from, which can still be used to compile with 6M62 (as well as the current version). But it doesn’t fix the release problem, so you might not :slight_smile: