Issue with Quixe/Inform build 6F95

When I compile a game file with Quixe through the new build of Inform (6F95), secondary text windows don’t work properly. The example linked below provides a spurious More prompt, while never actually printing any content to the window. I imagine that this is probably an issue with the new “viewport” code. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Here is the same gamefile, compiled using:

6E72, with Quixe downloaded from and manually installed (works correctly)
6F95, using the built-in template (problematic)


I’ll have to look at this tonight. It could be a change in the template code or extension code, not the viewport thing. (As far as the viewport is concerned, three Glk windows aren’t any harder than two. On the other hand, it does look like a CSS problem, not a Glk code problem.)

You should try these the other way around. Drop each game file (the gblorb.js file) into the other one’s interpreter directory. That will help pin down where problem is.

Switching the gblorb.js files results in the same behavior, so compilation doesn’t seem to be the issue. My money is on a CSS problem, but possibly a culprit was introduced in GlkOte or Quixe…


The right panel is supposed to have a list of commands? Both work then (they look different though) in Firefox 3.6.

6F95 however has two #gameport’s. This is probably bad. Actually it looks as if the whole (manifest).txt is out of date.

Are you on Windows or Linux? On a Mac, I see absolutely nothing (aside from a More prompt) in the right window, whether in Firefox 3.6 or in a WebKit browser…

Anyway, I think I’ve found where this is coming from. I still had my old installation of Quixe in my Templates folder (so that I can continue to compile with 6E72 when needed). It seems that 6F95 is using files from both the old template installation and from the bundled installation, because when I remove the old template files, everything works as it ought to.


It looks like the compilation process may somehow be different between the two: if you try to use the new template files with 6E72, the compilation goes fine, but Quixe crashes with a message to the effect that there is no gameport on the page. (Or maybe this is a consequence of the website template being older? If it wasn’t obvious already, I haven’t looked into how it’s all put together…)

Anyway, anyone who wants to be able to continue compiling to Quixe from 6E72 without screwing up their 6F95 compilation can put the old installation (still available at, I believe) into the application’s (rather than the user’s) Templates folder. For Mac users, this would be app-bundle/Resources/Inform 7/Extensions/Reserved/Templates (you may need to create this folder).


The gameport error occurs if you use the new Quixe template with the old Standard template. or maybe that’s vice versa. We changed which file had the

line in it.

You’ll note that I have not yet looked at the problem, as I got sidetracked with a different interpreter error… Sorry. “This weekend for sure.”

Zarf, I’m not sure whether you need to spend any more time with this or not–the solution for the author is just to make sure that you’re using only the website and Quixe templates that ship with 6F95. Your Quixe page maybe could use a compatibility note (in the template download section), but otherwise the problem is really one of communication of the fact that the new Quixe template is not compatible with the old Standard Template…


Oh! I missed a post in the shuffle.

Yes, as long as it’s correct within 6F95, that’s fine.

However, I should post a separate 6E72 template, in case anybody wants to use Quixe with it.

Older downloads are available from:

Though I don’t know if they’ll work for a particular I7 release etc.

That directory doesn’t have the I7-ready template package. I’ll have to recreate that for the older release.