ISO February Testers for Meta Weird Inform 7 Game (closed!)

November 20 Update: Still looking for a few people! Thanks to all who have volunteered. Plan is still to send out a story file December 1.

Greetings, all. Since everyone’s been so busy with comps, I’d like to queue up some people for beta testing in December. I’d like to get feedback by the end of the month (December) or first week of January. Without giving too much away, here’s what players can expect.

  • Inform 7
  • ~100K words in the story file.
  • ~70K words of text output.
  • ~25 rooms
  • ~200 things
  • Contemporary fantasy
  • Self-Referential/Post-Modern
  • Southern US setting

The main throughline of the game is very brief, and yes, it will be good to test that, but I’m looking for curious testers who enjoy finding secrets and hidden content.

My goal is to do this December testing, then do at least one more round in February or so. Ultimately, I hope to release in Spring Thing.

Content Warnings:
Perhaps ten instances of curse words, frank discussion of mental illness, including fantasies of self-harm, references to substance abuse, references to child neglect.

A few people have directly stated their interest already. I’ll be in touch! Otherwise, please PM me to express interest or to ask questions about the game. Asking questions here is fine, too. The more, the merrier! If I haven’t closed the thread, I’m still looking.

If mods don’t object, I may bump this later in the month.


I’ll totally give it another go, Drew. I’m curious to see how it has changed.


Yeah, likewise, glad to take another look!


Thanks, you two. Great to have your help.

I will be pleased testing your game.

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Thanks Jade! Looking forward to it.

I can try, although I may not finish the game. But I’m happy to give advice. Seems like a nice idea.

I’m interested in beta testing.

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Fantastic! I’ll be in touch.

A little bump for good measure. Plan is still to send out the story file December 1. Thanks!


Thank you


Story file sent! If you volunteered and I missed you somehow, please let me know.


What does the ‘ISO’ stand for in the title? Just curious.

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“in search of”


Huh, I always read it as “I’m seeking out”. “In search of” does make more sense.

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I automatically parsed it as International Organisation for Standardization, assuming you were being very fussy about the quality of your playtesters. I hope the ones you’ve recruited meet the required standard!


Me too. That’s why I asked. However, I thought it was International Standards Organisation (ISO). Your response prompted me to look it up. You were right, of course, and I found that “our founders decided to give it the short form ISO. ISO is derived from the Greek ‘isos’, meaning equal.” I’ll bet this was determined by a committee.

If the International Organisation for Standardization can’t even get their own acronym right, what hope have they got for standardising more important things?


This may be an urban myth but I seem to recall that English speaking countries wanted the time standard to be called Coordinated Universal Time (CUT) and the French wanted it to be Temps Universel Coordonné (TUC) so they ended up going with UTC…


I still see this thread so I’ll offer my help…

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Greetings! I need just a couple of testers for my I7 game, which is hopefully near completion. IMPORTANT:

The main narrative throughline has been thoroughly tested. I’m looking for players willing to examine content outside of that throughline.

  • The game has a scoring system. The scoring system does not gate progress. I’m looking for players willing to get all 33 points (there are built-in hints! this isn’t a brain-teaser type game)
  • The game has a “readers guide” with (very short) essays, invisiclues, etc. I am looking for testers willing to explore that content.
  • Please let me know if you are willing to evaluate this content! Again, there are hints. It is very unlikely that you will ever be stuck.

While I appreciate players interested in playing through the main narrative throughline, I do not need that kind of testing at this time.

Timeframe: By end of February, though 2 weeks is probably ideal.