Is this girl missing something about Bronze?

Hey guys… I recently DLed Frotz on my iPod quite frankly bc I once read a Goosebumps-like book that was create-your-own-adventure as in “turn to page 56 to go to the attic”. Well needless to say I fell in love with IF. I did a lil poking and decided my first read would be Emily Short’s Bronze. Besides feeling spoiled with the compass topbar and go-to comands, I had to replay again. There is a Black Gallery Room in which all these objects are laid out. I assumed they had meaning but after checking all leads and endings, I couldn’t grasp why there were so many objects without a story or use. Are these simply “to make me ask questions” or do I not get some big picture?

Anyone who hasn’t read Emily Short’s Bronze, I’m trying not to give spoilers but be weary of this topic.

(psst. put spoiler warning at the top of your messages. welcome to the forum!)

One of the items in the Gallery is critical for a certain ending. The rest are, as the room description hints, red herrings.

Also, that room has some funky special handling of “all”, so that “take all” doesn’t include the random junk (including the one important item), but instead only includes the shelves themselves, which naturally refuse to be picked up. “Examine all” equally fails to do anything terribly useful, because it would make it too obvious which item actually matters.

But no, you’re not missing anything. All that stuff is there just to disguise the important thing. Isn’t Bronze great? Welcome!