Is There No Way To Zoom In the Skein? (windows)

As per the thread title.
If not, it seems a strange omission. But oh well then.
Related: Is there a way to clear the ENTIRE skein, rather than going thru and deleting threads one by one? I sure hope so.

Well, if you can find the top node (with the name of the project) and choose “delete threads from here” on that, that should clear the entire skein… though on my project the Skein was big enough that it was a bit of work to find that node.

Also, I’m using the Mac IDE where the Skein has been subsumed into the (not that well-documented) Testing panel–on other operating systems it might not work exactly the same.

Yeah. Sadly the skein in the windows IDE doesn’t have the delete threads from here option.

EDIT: er … i meant the top knot doesn’t have that option. the rest, of course, do.

You can trim it first, then delete whatever is left, I think.