Is there going to be an announcement stream for 2022?

See title. Last year there was a Twitch stream for the IFComp placements; is there one planned for this year? The website doesn’t have one listed but I don’t remember if there was one listed in 2021.


Last year, the ceremony was announced the day voting closed - and I think the same was true in 2020 too - so I’m guessing it’ll be the same this year as well.


Actually, we did post it to the site last year, and I thought we had this year (unlike our other dates, it’s not set in stone; it moves around depending on the date of the weekend after the voting closes, so we have to hard edit it on the site). We’ll make that fix soon.

But might as well use this opportunity to confirm: awards will be at 4pm on Saturday after voting closes (Nov 19). :slight_smile:


Sorry for the misinfo - I checked the blog archive and thought that sounded right but clearly misremembered!

That’s 4 pm Eastern time, right?


Sweet, thanks for the heads-up! Uh, same question as @DeusIrae - is that in Eastern?

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The web site has now been updated:

November 19 at 4pm Eastern: The competition results and award ceremony will be broadcast live on twitch.


Oh, I have a question too!

Does the countdown go through all the games or just the top 20 or something like that?

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Last year (and I think the years before that as well) only the top 20 were announced on the stream and the full results were on the website.


Ah…that’s a shame, but thanks very much!

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