Is there an update for the Player Experience Upgrade?

Hi guys, does anyone know if there are any plans to update the Player Experience Upgrade by Aaron Reed, or if not how I can update it myself to work with the latest version of Inform 7? This extension is so amazing I’m surprised it hasn’t been built into Inform itself yet as it vastly improves the parser’s ability to understand the player. :sunglasses:

The Player Experience Upgrade was simply a compilation of other extensions, as listed in the documentation: “Includes Approaches and Punctuation Removal by Emily Short, Epistemology by Eric Eve, Default Messages by Ron Newcomb, and Smarter Parser, Poor Man’s Mistype, Numbered Disambiguation Choices, Small Kindnesses, Neutral Library Messages, Remembering, and Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed.”

Pretty much all of these have been updated for the latest versions of I7 and are available in the Public Library. So unfortunately you’ll have to go to the trouble of installing and including them all individually now, but that does have the advantage of allowing you to pick and choose which ones you want.

Thanks for your help but I tried fresh copies of all of them and the only ones that worked were the Emily Short ones that are already built in.

Smarter Parser, Numbered Disambiguation Choices, Poor Man’s Mistype and Small Kindnesses (Basically all the Aaron Reed ones) all give errors and many of the others seem to be missing from the ‘all extensions’ list and the internet generally. :frowning: I also tried WhoWhat by David Cornelson and that didn’t work either, so I’m wondering if it really is the extensions or if my version of Inform is just screwed up in some way.

In my version (downloaded yesterday) of Inform 6L38, Epistemology is built in, and there are Public Library links for Smarter Parser and I think all the Aaron Reed extensions. (Except the library message extensions, which are perhaps made redundant by the 6L response system.) It’s my understanding that non-Mac versions of Inform don’t let you download directly from the Public Library, but you can find the Public Library versions here.

Are you sure you have the latest versions of the extensions? If so, what errors are you getting?

For what it’s worth, Windows Inform 6L38 does support downloading from the Public Library.

Thanks for telling me about the Public Library, most of them are working now, which I guess means that the public library is more up to date than the library listed on the website (which is a lot more public than the public library :stuck_out_tongue: ). Only thing that doesn’t work is Approaches by Emily Short, which conflicts with the built-in mod Locksmith by Emily Short. Both are fully updated so I am baffled.

There’s a known glitch that Approaches v6 includes the line “Include Plurality by Emily Short”, which it shouldn’t do. I’ve submitted an update to patch this, but if you still have that version, it’s possible that you need to cut that line out of the extension.

It’s not obvious to me how that would conflict with Locksmith, though, and I’m not getting any conflicts by including Locksmith and Approaches in my test project. Assuming that the plurality line isn’t the culprit, can you tell me more about the problem that you’re running into? What error does it give you?