Is there a way to modify the Twine editor's styling?

I just upgraded to the latest version of Twine. Used to be that I could right click and Inspect like a regular browser window and insert some CSS here and there to improve visibility of certain things or hide stuff that was visually distracting, but now it seems to ignore right clicks.

Is there a way around this? It’s not a huge deal but it was a nice option to have when needed.

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Could you export to HTML and then right click and modify CSS on that? (he says as if he understands words like “HTML”, “CSS” and “Could”… and that wasn’t what @Wretchy wanted to avoid in the first place…)

I don’t have the very latest, but in Twine 2.3.1, while right-click is disabled, Ctrl-Shift-I still brings up the developer tools…


Unfortunately, when Twine moved from the Node engine to the Electron engine in Twine v2.3.0, it lost it’s right-click context menu. There’s an open issue about getting that re-added.

In the meantime, you might want to do a separate install of Twine v2.2.1, which was the last version of Twine to use Node. At least until that feature gets added back into Twine. You’ll need to update the story formats if you use that version.

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Aye, that it do in 2.3.4 too. Thanks!