Is there a way to hide the (opened/closed) description on a container when looking around a room?

I’m new and trying to learn about all of this and I couldn’t find anything about hiding the opened/closed description on a container. I was basically just wondering if instead of it saying “container (closed)” if there’s a way to make it just say “container”?

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It’s a bit of an advanced topic, and probably something that you can put off until you’ve learned more about Inform, but there’s a discussion of what’s going on under the hood in Chapter 18 of Writing with Inform ("Activities’).

Here’s a quick sketch of something that will work, which hopefully can be easily adapted to your sitution:

The Bedroom is a room. In the bedroom is a closed enterable opaque container called the wardrobe.

Rule for printing the name of the wardrobe:
	say "wardrobe";
	omit contents in listing. 

EDIT. I mean to say explicitly: notice that you still need to use a say phrase that generates the necessary name of the thing in question.

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I used this (but I’m still learning as well):

Rule for printing room description details: stop. 
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Thank you both so much! They both worked! Thanks for the help!

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You can leave Inform to get on with printing the name itself by putting ‘omit contents in listing’ into the before rule of the activity:

Rule before printing the name of the wardrobe:
	omit contents in listing;

(which has the advantage of avoiding problems if the printed name of the object gets changed at some point so it’s no longer “wardrobe” )

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