Is there a way to get the story map arrows to look more like a flowchart?

I am currently working on my first IF project and I am up to around 150 passages. However the Story Map is starting to get messy. Is there a way to get straight arrows instead of curved? and maybe to have them go around passage boxes instead of under them (like a flowchart?)

Hi David, I assume that you’re using Twine? Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way in Twine to edit the arrows, they’re automatic. At best, you can use the “Snap to Grid” option to organize the passages themselves.

For future reference, people use IntFic for help about multiple tools, so specifying what tool you’re using and posting in the tool’s subforum is helpful!


Thank you, yes I am using Twine 2.3.9. I have been using snap to grid, but I have to enable it 6every time I start Twine.

Apologies for the confusion I will try to remember to state which software I am using, but I have been unable to find a sub forum for Twine.

It’s called a “category” here: you want Authoring -> Twine.